Tempus Walla Walla Valley Wine
Tempus is a Latin word meaning time. One interpretation of the term loosely translates to ‘a series of firsts.’ We were inspired by this concept given all of the life milestones we hopped over in a short period of time. In the course of eighteen months, we moved to Walla Walla, started new jobs, got our first dog, got married, bought our first home, had our first baby and started our first winery.

Tempus Cellars’ label s were created by Alan Just – a Wisconsin based designer who has designed for countless wineries and breweries. Alan’s deep understanding of the wine making process inspired him to include the tortoise on the label – alluding to the lengthy and steadfast nature of making wine.

Tempus Cellars’ back labels were written by Anne Vallerga—a Napa Valley based writer and close family friend. Anne incorporated her familiarity with the Forest Family and the visual clues from Alan’s design to sum up our story on the back labels.
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